California Dreaming

Like a lot of others this week, I have been trying to enjoy a little time off for “spring break.” My friend Jim invited us to his birthday party in Palm Springs, a resort town east of Los Angeles. It’s known for its collection of mid-century modern architecture, as well as its fantastic weather. As Birmingham finally seems to warm up, here are a couple shots from the long weekend so far. We’ll be back to Birmingham and more pressing issues soon enough, but for now, enjoy the sun.

New mixed-use downtown with housing above and retail below. Note the public sculpture adjacent.

Entrance to the Parker Hotel--how to make a stunning backdrop with decorative concrete tiles

Old Howard Johnson's motel (now the Ace) with a super-cool retro-50s diner. And not the Johnny Rockets variety.

2 responses to “California Dreaming

  1. That last photo is basically Nighthawks.

  2. Yes, for those who endured a mostly cold, dreary spring break in b’ham, you keep our dreams alive.

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