Fire Station No. 10

Hopefully better publicized than No. 22

Just a quick post on historic Fire Station No. 10 in Avondale for which the City is soliciting redevelopment proposals . Anybody who may be interested in preserving this gem with a creative reuse should respond to the Request for Proposal here.

Hopefully this RFP will be much better publicized than the one for Fire Station No. 22 on Clairmont Avenue, so we don’t all wake up surprised by a Walgreen’s!

Deadline for submission is November 15, with the Mayor announcing the winner December 15. Interestingly, unlike the ill-fated RFP for No. 22, this RFP is emphatic about the historic nature of the fire station, and encourages preservation.

3 responses to “Fire Station No. 10

  1. It might be helpful to know where all of the historic fire stations. This would give those communities more time to think about how those properties should be redeveloped and get ahead of the game.

  2. Nine extant stations were added to the National Register through a multiple property listing on November 25, 1990. These are:

    Fire Station No. 3 – 2210 Highland Avenue (still in use)
    Fire Station No. 6 – 317 15th Street N, Downtown (now the Old Firehouse shelter)
    Fire Station No. 10 – 4120 2nd Ave N, Avondale (subject of this RFP)
    Fire Station No. 12 – 15 57th Street South, Woodlawn (renovated by Church of the Highlands for outreach missions)
    Fire Station No. 15 – 1345 Steiner Avenue, West End (now Partners in Neighborhood Growth office)
    Fire Station No. 16 – 1621 Avenue G Ensley (not sure)
    Fire Station No. 19 – 7713 Division Avenue, East Lake (still in use)
    Fire Station No. 22 – 3114 Clairmont Avenue, Forest Park (owned by Connolly Net Lease, who have proposed to renovate it for Bogue’s Restaurant)

    I have a PDF of the actual NRHP application, which seems to no longer be available on the NPS website. Let me know if you want me to email it to you.

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