A clue


Last week we reported on demolition work that’s started at the former First Federal Savings and Loan property in the 2000 block of First Avenue North downtown, and the need for better site signage generally in this City to alert the public to what’s in store. Two of our readers have had conversations this week with the contractor doing demolition work here, and so based on that information we are tentatively piecing together a mixed-use project–with offices in the upper floors and future retail/commercial on the ground floor. Part of the property is a small one-story building (above) whose corrugated metal facade has been stripped away to reveal the original brick–although it appears the face brick was ripped off at some point.

The word from the contractor on this space? It will house a wine shop. If true, this could be a great new amenity to this part of town (and a complement to Mamanoes convenience store a few blocks east which stocks a small but good selection). If anyone knows anything more–about the use, or new designs for the facade–let us know!

2 responses to “A clue

  1. So good to see Loft District animation extending a toe into this block.

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