Thank you BPL

Making it more accessible

Today the Birmingham Public Library has announced an expansion of its newly named Birmingham Architecture and Design Collection, part of the library’s Department of Archives and Manuscripts. This new effort will involve enhanced collection, promotion, preservation, and access to materials related to local design (above, the original Alabama Power Company building, 1925, by Warren Knight and Davis).

A collaboration between the library and local members and supporters of the design community, this is a welcome new resource for the City, and one more tool to help improve demand for good design. Thank you to everyone who’s put this project together!

[photo courtesy Birmingham Public Library]

3 responses to “Thank you BPL

  1. Especially good to know that BPL Archives wants to engage the community by using the collection for exhibits, etc. as part of their evolving role as a cultural institution.

  2. Thanks for helping us tell everyone about this wonderful project!

  3. Nice! And beautiful photo of Miss Electra’s perch!

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