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Goodbye Morris, hello Parkside

The Peanut Depot, a longtime fixture on Morris Avenue in downtown Birmingham (above, looking north between 20th Street North and Richard Arrington Blvd.), is perhaps the last surviving business of this street’s original incarnation as the Victorian city’s wholesale produce and warehousing center (most every building now contains lofts, professional offices, studios and bars). But you only have a few more weeks to enjoy them here, as they will be moving to Parkside in March. A downtown fixture for almost 110 years, Peanut Depot needs to expand to support their growing sales across the US; their new location near Region’s Field will also be convenient for Birmingham Barons ball games–for which they have, fittingly, the exclusive concession for peanut sales.

Sad that Morris Avenue will lose the delicious aroma of roasted peanuts–but great news this longtime business is relocating into one of the most exciting areas currently revitalizing downtown. Here’s to another century of deliciousness–and watch out for that unmistakable scent to drift over Parkside.

7 responses to “Peanuts!

  1. Glad to hear they’re going to be sold again at Regions Field. Another company sold peanuts in there last year (?) and it wasn’t the same.

  2. Jeremy– Can they find a historic building over that way? Or have they all been snapped up?

  3. Please leave the old stuff in place and build a bar around it…Re-vitalize Morris Avenue at the same time…build a pedestrian bridge to Uptown,Downtown and Underground (the new entertainment district underneath I-59/20)…If we can make the bridge go over I-20/59, the drunks can pee on the cars on their ways East and West…

  4. Oh my gosh! Moving? Why in the heck is that happening? They have been a fixture on Morris Avenue forever! That is like moving Powell School or John’s to somewhere else. Selling peanuts at Regions Fields? That is great. Heck I would volunteer to take the peanuts there. It is only less than 1 mile. Selling the building? Do all realize the building will smell like roasted peanuts forever? If they need more square feet for increased production (Yeah!) then let’s find them a production facility and leave Morris Ave location for tourism and general office./ Good golly, another piece of our Birmingham history disappears. Come on! Think!

    • Hi Trudy, this is John C., the owner of the Peanut Depot Building. I want to assure you that Birmingham’s Morris Avenue will have the aroma of fresh roasted peanuts well into the 21st century. We wish Lex well in his move to Parkside. Thank you for your kind comments.

  5. I agree with Trudy Phillips, but Birmingham has long had a history of neglecting to recognize the historic significance of its’ structures. Can you say Train Depot? Do you think anyone thought of possibly moving the Lyric Theatre over closer to Regions Park, I mean why leave it in its’ historic location when you are trying to progress. This city will never learn./

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