Rowhouse living

2nd Ave TH.jpg


We love the article that just went live over on StyleBlueprint about the townhouse we designed about 10 years ago on 2nd Avenue North downtown. Take a peek–and get ready for some more interesting news about townhouses hopefully coming soon!

[thanks to StyleBlueprint for the image]

7 responses to “Rowhouse living

  1. morriscivitas

    Great coverage. The garden has certainly grown in.


  2. michaelalancalvert

    Great design and a fine addition to downtown. Is it a townhouse, not merely a row house?

    • Thanks Michael. Good question as row houses are typically part of a “row” of similar houses–which this one is not. Townhouse may be technically more correct!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful home! I have walked past this many times but never realized that the entire building is new, it fits in so well with the surrounding buildings. In a city where it seems the pattern of development is always historic building-abandonment-parking lot, it is nice to see the reverse.

  4. CentralCityResident

    This is the Erdreich’s place!! Phenomenal people and a gorgeous home.

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