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Mix, a new bakery/restaurant at the corner of 4th Avenue North and 19th Street, had a “soft opening” this week. It’s a joint venture of Chris Dupont, owner of Cafe Dupont a few blocks away, and baker Corey Hinkel (the Birmingham News has an article with more photos here).  There appears to be no website yet, but the posted menu advertises fresh breads and baked goods, gourmet sandwiches, and salads.

This venture replaces the long-shuttered “Restaurant G”, which in 2002 was the first “white tablecloth” restaurant to open downtown in many years. To me, it suffered from a glossy, corporate ambiance which didn’t foster warmth or customer loyalty.  It appears Mix has made some changes to the interior; I hope they increase the amount of signage on the exterior as well. Good luck to the new venture and we hope it becomes a stable anchor to this somewhat isolated intersection (unfortunately the other corner properties are a parking deck, a parking lot, and a drive-through bank and parking lot!).

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  1. The place has a real European feel: In the sense that it feels as if a small quality-of-life retail enterprise has inhabited a much larger space once intended for grander civic activities. The pork loin sandwich I had yesterday was quite delicious.

  2. Great to hear. Looking forward to trying it very soon. Once the bar is licensed, they state they’ll be open until 7 PM weeknights–I hope this gets extended to later hours and weekends.

  3. The best sign would be the sidewalk tables and umbrellas (with the logo?) The News article states are coming. Yes, not a great corner, though at least the design review committee insisted that the building for the drive-in bank be placed at the corner. We need a good infill on the block between here and McWane Science Center.

  4. Five of us went for a late lunch yesterday around 1pm. Each of us selected a different lunch item from the menu and we were all overwelmed with our choices. Of course, this should not have been surprising considering the owners. The fresh baked breads and pastry on display looked scrumptious.

  5. Went today for dessert after Brick & Tin and the regular glazed donut I got was phenomenal.

  6. Charbett Cauthen Fincher

    Fabulous news, so very happy for all

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