Design Review Alert

The Design Review Sub-Committee will hold another “working session” with representatives of Chick-Fil-A to “review Chick-Fil-A’s latest design proposals” for a new restaurant on the corner of Highland Avenue and 20th Street South in the heart of the Five Points South Historic Neighborhood.

The meeting will be Tuesday, July 20, 2010, at 4 PM in the 5th floor conference room at City Hall, and is open to the public. However, unless requested by the Sub-Committee, no public comments will be taken, and seating is limited in this conference room. For those who cannot attend, I will do my best to report the proceedings.

No rulings are made at the working session.

6 responses to “Design Review Alert

  1. In the “for what it’s worth department,” I frequent Chick Fil A when I’m on the road (which is a lot) and reject any notion that their drive throughs are appreciably faster and would therefore not cause additional traffic problems. I was queued out on the street at a Montgomery location yesterday. Great chicken but a lousy idea to put a drive-through at this location.

    • David–a friend called a couple days ago and when I asked where he was, he said “stuck in a long line at CFA waiting for a sandwich.” Not sure which location in metro Birmingham, but he was clearly not speeding through at 47 seconds that, I believe, the corporation claims is their “average”.

  2. Here’s a great idea for “I Believe in Birmingham” or anyone opposed to the idea of a Chick-fil-a drive thru in this location.

    On any given day, around morning rush hour or lunch, go to a local Chick-fil-a (Hoover, Homewood, wherever). Better yet, go on a Saturday morning. Pop open your video camera as you approach the destination. Go through the drive through lane. Five minutes later as you receive your order, turn your camera off. Finally, post the video to Youtube and bring a DVD to the next Design Review meeting.

    47 seconds may be their average drive thru wait, but that’s not important. What IS important is the average wait during the heaviest periods of traffic.

  3. If public comment is not usually allowed, is it possible to submit written comments after the fact? And, do you know if they will be taken under consideration? Thanks.

    • Hope–That is a good question. If I can’t find out before Tuesday, I will at least find out at the Tuesday meeting. My guess would be this may be the first time any member of the public has known about/shown up at one of these public working sessions, so even the committee itself may not know the answer yet!

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