Holiday cheer

The new roof is a good start

New roof for a new start

It was this past January when the historic Powell School suffered immense damage due to fire; what a welcome sight to now see Stone Building Company rebuilding the roof, stabilizing the brick, and otherwise weatherproofing the structure (above). Kudos to the Alabama Trust for Historic Preservation which, in cooperation with the City and numerous volunteers, has organized this effort and is marketing the building for redevelopment.

This was the City’s first “Free School.” Before the fire it sat vacant, garnering little attention. Ironically, the fire illuminated the building’s potential: perhaps in the New Year we’ll see plans moving forward for renovation. Which would be pleasing.

Also pleasing should be the announcement–promised soon by REV Birmingham (formerly Operation New Birmingham)–of two new major housing developments near Railroad Park totaling some 450 units. Fingers crossed that downtown will have lots of positive news to look forward to in 2013.

7 responses to “Holiday cheer

  1. Hopefully they will have ground floor retail, reasonable street fronting and underground parking. Oh well, I can dream.

    • My guess is that at least one–if not both–will be developed by large, national companies whose designs may be considered “generic”. Hopefully that doesn’t preclude the basics that you’ve outlined below! Thanks.

  2. Awesome! It’s good to see Powell School on the mend.

  3. Are their any other good news pertaining to the Railroad Park/Regions Field area, such as new retail or resturants, green space, and the progrees of the pedestrian bridge?? I am just wondering if there is other good news concerning that area.

  4. Mayor William Bell, Virginia Williams of his staff, and the City Council are to be commended for donating the school property and the fire insurance proceeds to the Alabama Trust for Historic Preservation which also deserves credit for taking on this challenging restoration project. The new roof stabilizes the 1888 structure, protects the interior from further damage from the weather, and assures preservation of this historic structure.

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