Design Review November 28

Here’s the Design Review Committee agenda for tomorrow (November 28). Remember, the meetings are open to the public and take place at 7:30 AM at Auburn Urban Studio, 3rd Floor of Young and Vann Building, corner of 18th Street North and First Avenue downtown.

I. Call to Order:  Minutes of the November 14, 2012 meeting.

II. Name: Ms. Mary McSpadden

Site Address: 5500 1st Avenue, South, Smiles For Keeps

District: Woodlawn

Requesting approval for: Signage

III. Name:  Mr. Paul Irwin (Irwin Brothers Remodeling)

Site Address:  4142 Crescent Road

District: Forest Park Local Historic

Requesting approval for: Garage extension, addition of front yard parking pad to existing driveway, and new patio tile

IV. Name: Mr. Joey McClure (Joseph McClure Real Estate)

Site Address: 218 20th Street, North, Bistro Two Eighteen

District: Birmingham Green

Requesting approval for:  Sign

V. Name: Mr. Rakesh Patel

Site Address: 1016 20th Street, South, Homewood Suites  

District: 5 Points South

Requesting approval for: Elevation revision approval and site plan

VI. Name: Joe Rabun (Rabun, Rasche, Recetor, Reece Architects)

Site Address: 2221 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd., North; Westin Hotel

District: Cultural

Requesting approval for: Sign standards and signage

VII. Name:  David Watts

Site Address: 2011 11th Avenue, South 

District:  5 Points South

Requesting approval for:  Façade renovations

IX. Name: Ms. Lara Watson (Reliable Signs)

Site Address: 2228 Highland Avenue, South (Highland Package Store)

District:  Five Points South

Requesting approval for: Signage

X.      Name:  Mr. Robert Thompson (Thompson Architecture, Inc.)

Site Address: 20 South 20th Street (Alagasco Center for Energy Technology)

District:  Midtown

Requesting approval for:  Parking Renovations / Landscaping

XI. Name: Mr. Tommy Wood

Site Address: 2329 1st Avenue North

District:  Morris Avenue

Requesting approval for:  Roof top greenhouse


One response to “Design Review November 28

  1. The “rooftop greenhouse” item is interesting in that after Design Review gave preliminary approval to the concept (based on a presentation by the farmer and Michael Calvert, who was representing a former owner of the building), the current owners of the building subsequently backed out.

    It looked like it could have been a great fit. If well-proportioned and detailed, you could even imagine it having the architectural effect of Jean Nouvel’s Lyon opera house. I hope the proposal finds another suitable, visible site.

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