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Filling up

The Birmingham News reports this morning that two restaurants have signed leases at the new Cityville mixed-use complex on 20th Street South between 1st and 2nd Avenues South. Momma Goldberg’s, an Auburn-based sandwich place that’s recently expanded to the metro area will take about 1800 square feet, while Tennesee-based Bobby Mckee’s Irish Pub will take 5000 square feet.

Sounds like it's that kind of a place

The above is the type of item that can be purchased from the suburban Nashville location of the pub; it appears to be a large, student-oriented affair, with a huge list of beers on tap, dinner menu, late night bands and DJs, etc.

More options downtown=more people downtown=more development downtown=good. This pint’s on us. Oh, and the News also states the development’s 255 apartments are already more than 70% rented–promising news for higher-priced apartments downtown in the current economy.

[thanks to Cityville for the building pic and Bobby Mckee’s for the sign]

13 responses to “More downtown dining

  1. Excellent!

  2. This is great news! Considering new places popping up everywhere, do you know if anyone has ever put together a list of restaurants, with a general description of the food they serve and their times of service for the downtown and lower Southside area. It would be great if we had this information on a sheet of paper or small pamphlet. It could be given to downtown hotels, the Alabama Theater, etc. for use by patrons. I can’t tell you how many times I have been stopped on a weekend by someone staying at a downtown hotel or involved in an event at The Alabama Theater and asked where they can get something to eat. It would be great information for visitors to have and it would be a great help to the restaurants in this general area. I have always thought if this type of thing existed we might have more businesses open downtown on the weekends because they would see more activity.

  3. What a plus it will be to have those wide sidewalks animated. Exactly what the city would like to see as part of redevelopment opposite the Railroad Park.

  4. It would be better if this development didn’t become a haven for strip mall standards, but at least businesses are eager to move to the area.

    • Let’s hope that the design of both of these places feels “urban” and not generic. However, I do feel the main story is that businesses like this are eager to move to this area–especially when plenty of suburban strip malls are begging for tenants right now.

  5. Great news, all around. Downtown needs more places that serve lunch but also stay open in the evening. Given the occupancy of Cityville and the proximity to the RR park, I would bet that both of these venues are highly successful.

  6. although we all want to see our downtown area revitalized and successful, why corporate restaurants?!!! that’s like opening a wal-mart for all the lofties to buy their milk and bread! we have an abundance of brilliant LOCAL restaurateurs in birmingham! first, chik-fil-a and jimmy john’s, now this–shameful.

    • localfoodie–I’m sure many readers share your concern. Here are my thoughts: first, one of these places is a small chain based out of Auburn; the other is just the second location of a family-owned place in Nashville. So neither is really a big corporate chain in the sense of Applebee’s or Dave and Buster’s or something like that. Second, while some of us may personally prefer a 100% local, original, unique place–and will continue to try to support those as much as possible–the hope is that the more that restaurants open and succeed generally, the more local, indie places will get inspired to open up as well. I think there’s room for both, and hopefully downtown’s unique character will keep attracting the local entrepreneurs that are so vital to the restaurant scene here. Thanks for your comments.

      • Jackson Willis

        Agreed. What’s encouraging about chains (even small chains) bringing a franchise downtown, is that they do their homework when choosing new locations. For a franchise that is expanding, isn’t it exciting that they’re expanding into downtown/midtown Birmingham instead of the multitude of other possibilities?

        Like most that read this blog, I’ll tend to patronize the uber-local establishments over regional chains. However, there’s room for both – the presence of chains is no indication of the quality of local businesses. Even Brooklyn and downtown Portland have their fair share of McDonald’s.

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