The elephant in the corner

Ahhh, Miss Fancy can once again quench her very large thirst

Thanks to our friends blogging over at Birmingham Terminal, we are sharing this great new logo that’s just been announced for Avondale Brewing Company, the new business opening soon on 41st Street South a few blocks north of Avondale Park.

Avondale Park used to be the site of the original Birmingham Zoo, whose most famous occupant was Miss Fancy, an elephant who appreciated bootleg whiskey during Prohibition (and why not?). So this logo, an homage to the swilling former neighbor up the street, seems very a propos.

Miss Fancy says "more beer please!"

Kudos to the owners for this exciting new development in Avondale!

[thanks to bhamwiki for the 1915 pic of Miss Fancy, and to Avondale Brewing for the logo]

6 responses to “The elephant in the corner

  1. Re the whiskey-drinking elephant: I am no teetotaler, but I am a human being and not an unsuspecting creature. I do not think it’s funny to give alcohol to animals, especially those with 5,000 pounds to stagger around with.

  2. Why am I not amused to think of giving alcohol to a 5,000-pound wild animal? Poor creature.

  3. Might also be a nice nod to the Elephant Bottling Works which operated in Birmingham from 1892 to 1910 and had an embossed profile of an elephant on their bottles. (No Bhamwiki article yet, sorry)

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