Delivering the message (2)

Banker, meet skater

In a happy note before kicking off the weekend, I opened up the Regions Social Responsibility Report 2010–just off the presses–and flipped it open to the above photo of a happy Regions Bank executive observing the balletic feats of a skater. Kudos to Regions for their help funding Railroad Park, and for deciding to frame this particular shot–a metaphor for different segments of our community coming together for the common good.

You can read the entry about Birmingham in the report here, and download the entire report here.

Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see a Regions Skate Park in our future? Bankers and skaters across the metro, have a great weekend.

[Thanks to Regions Bank for the pic]

One response to “Delivering the message (2)

  1. Thanks for posting, Jeremy! You’re always so positive and uplifting. What a great personal gift. Pleasant Passover to you and your family. :~D

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