Helping all in need

He needs help too

All of us are concerned with the plight of our neighbors in the wake of this week’s tragic natural disaster. While many efforts are out there to feed and clothe those in need, the Greater Birmingham Humane Society has mounted a huge effort to rescue and care for animals suddenly left without owners.

Dog Days of Birmingham downtown is serving as an official collection site for this effort. They will be open all weekend 9-5. Items needed: Dog Food, Cat Food, Cat Litter, Blankets, Towels, Horse feed, Hay (they will transport) Newspaper, Collars, Leashes, Bleach. Their address is 112 18th Street North (between First and Second Avenues) and their number is  (205) 458-9364.  You can locate them on the web at:

2 responses to “Helping all in need

  1. After reading, I called Dog Days and sent some food (in smaller bags for easier transport) and buckets (for doling out the food) yesterday. I wouldn’t have known they were a collection spot if it wasn’t for this post. Thank you.

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