Back to reality

Maybe it does still have a purpose

Your author has returned to Birmingham after a month’s absence in less humid climes. There’s nothing like 100 degree weather to make you question the wisdom of coming back.

The empty phone booth outside the office (2300 block of 2nd Avenue North)–inspiration for an earlier post on phone booth art–was still in the same old, dilapidated and hollowed-out state. But intriguingly, someone had pasted a piece of artwork inside, showing a masked superhero declaring “This City must be saved! And only I can save it!”

Seeing that out my office window makes me think: this city is worth saving. Are there superheroes out there? Not in real life. “Saving” a city takes many people from all walks of life cooperating together to create something bigger than themselves and their own interests.

So humidity or not, let’s roll up our sleeves and jump back in. More soon.

14 responses to “Back to reality

  1. Welcome back, bhamarchitect!

    My sleeves are rolled up, ready for action.

    And I tend to think that you do, in fact, have some superhero powers… You have an incredible impact on Birmingham, and your reach is vast. I’m eager to back you up as you join forces with the rest of those Magic City renegades, revolutionaries and rabble-rousers.


  2. I think I actually saw you taking this photo earlier today. Wondered what you were capturing.

    Love the clear-eyed perspective combined with desire to get it done.

  3. welcome home, Jeremy!

  4. Welcome back! I’ve been checking back everyday for an update!

  5. Hi Jeremy, Amazingly, I just had lunch in DC with Victoria and Yumi. And that made me think about our fellow SFSers, so I too wanted to check if you were ‘back’. I agree with these posters that you certainly have some superpower visions for your fair city. Hope you’ve had a great trip and to cross paths before long!
    All best, Marina

    • Marina! Hey, thanks for adding some Scottish glamour to the readership here. I did get back and we had a great trip–we will see you in Scotland sometime soon I hope!!!!

  6. I’m late but what the hey, it’s good to have you back.

  7. Your masked super hero is Space Ghost, a 60’s era Hanna Barbera character who had his own revitalization thanks to Space Ghost Coast to Coast in Cartoon Network.

    • Thanks–another reader had pointed out to me that Space Ghost could be considered a “third tier” superhero–a bit embarrassing as the savior of a City, but perhaps we’ll take what we can get.

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