Design = change

Elevating the social importance of design

July 21-24 will see leaders from AIGA, the national professional association for design, partnering with local designers in Birmingham for a design summit dedicated to the notion that the design community can affect social change. This event is modeled on the Aspen [Co] Design Summit of 2009.

A mix of local and national design team leaders will engage participants on issues such as natural resources and Alabama’s public image.  A public reception will be held at Alagasco downtown (20th Street and Powell Avenue) Friday evening July 22 to showcase initial brainstorming sessions. Check out for more information (coming soon!). It’s fantastic that Birmingham, with its wealth of good designers from many disciplines, will be hosting this event.

According to Matt Leavell of Auburn University, one of the organizers, this is part of an effort to “position designers as thought leaders, and to develop solutions to complex problems. Organizations don’t usually have the time themselves, so we’re stepping in to fill the gap.” It will be exciting to see what design solutions come out of this conference.

A respite from urban travails

And with that, the author of this blog is embarking on a honeymoon trip to the Norwegian fjords that will last the bulk of July. We will be back with regular posts the first week in August. Everyone stay cool in the big city until then.

[thanks to rev dan catt for the design pic, and atari123 for the fjord]

3 responses to “Design = change

  1. Bham Developer

    First of all, great job on the website. I really love the info you post on here. Also wanted to ask if someone could lead me to a forum if there is one that exists that discusses birmingham and issues surrounding the city; elections, development, new restaurants, etc…. Thanks.

  2. jeremy — i’ve missed your posts and look forward to their return. its been a long hot, bhamarchitect-less summer. also, couldn’t help but think about your trip to Norway in light of the recent attacks. hope you are back safely.

    • Thanks very much–just returned yesterday. We’d left Norway a couple days before the tragedy there, so we feel lucky we were able to enjoy that beautiful country while everyone was still happy and carefree. Posts will resume next week.

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