Gus will be missed


On a somber food note, Gus Koutroulakis, who has served hot dogs at Pete’s Famous downtown on 2nd Avenue North since 1948, died today. He will be mourned by generations of citizens addicted to his hot dogs and his personality.

Downtown Birmingham still has a number of small hot dog stands, which used to be on practically every block here. This particular one is often assumed to be one of the smallest lease spaces downtown. Its fantastic neon sign is a true landmark.

Gus, you will be missed.

[thanks to Dystopos for the pic]

11 responses to “Gus will be missed

  1. Sad to hear. I loved going there.

  2. He had retired and sold the business to a nephew, so it’s good to know it remains a living landmark.

  3. It was always reassuring to know that Gus was plugging away behind the counter any time I passed by or thought about him. I’ll miss that feeling of continuity as much as anything else.

    • Yes. I had the same feeling–you could always count on his being there. Regardless of whether you went in or not, you could see him in his stooped position behind the counter. A true fixture of 2nd Avenue.

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  4. Evan Lockridge

    Gus was one of kind who sold the best damned dog in town! I will never forget him and it will never be the same going downtown again. He will be missed more than he will ever know, not just for the food but for everything else there at Pete’s Famous.

  5. This is even sadder than I thought. I misunderstood The News article: Gus was the nephew who bought the place way back when. Long chance someone might pick up the torch, but here’s hoping.

  6. This is sad to hear.

    But maybe it’s an opportunity for an unemployed planner?

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