Styling in style

Restful minimalism

Every downtown core deserves an upscale, well-designed salon. We finally have one in the form of Click, which recently opened at Pepper Place (2829 Second Avenue South). The converted warehouse space is open, airy, and minimalist. Products are tastefully to the side of the lobby; hair is cut by black-clad stylists facing freestanding mirrors, rather than walls; clutter and noise are minimal; the color palette and lighting are simple and soothing. The best thing about this place for your author: it’s a 4 minute bike ride from home.


Speaking of bike rides, the Green Building Focus conference and expo will be held Thursday and Friday at Cahaba Grand Conference Center. The expo is free so anyone who is interested in green building and improving our environment, plan a visit.

[thanks to Green Building Focus for their logo]

7 responses to “Styling in style

  1. I shudder to imagine riding a bike to the Cahaba Grand Conference Center…

  2. Not quite a 4m bike commute (or car commute, for that matter) for me, but Click houses the BEST stylists known in the ‘Ham – so I’ll take the bad end of the stick for the environment on this one! This place exudes comfort in my opinion. As note, the lighting & color palette are calming, as is the “minimalism”. I LOVE the new digs! Thanks for posting this for a couple of my fave girls JE!

    • Ha! Yes, worth whatever transport mode can get you there. The stylists are awesome–professional, sophisticated, friendly–I was so excited this opened, it was nothing but a pleasure to post it.

  3. Ain’t nothing gonna get me away from Lisa at Orbit in Five Points. At least in the winter, I buzz my own head in the summer. Too damn hot for style.

    • We hear you–and think there’s room for all types of hair-cuts, from the ultra-stylish/pricey to the $8 buzz cut from a barber. This new place seems to fill a niche that wasn’t filled before. Thanks for reading.

  4. Swell! This is another sign of Birmingham’s subtle sophistication and burgeoning salon industry. Nice blog. 😉

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