A few days ago TED (the global system of conferences which encourage “ideas worth spreading”) announced its annual TED prize would go not to an individual, but to an idea called City 2.o.  The idea is to create an electronic global platform where citizens around the world can connect with neighbors to re-imagine their cities, using resources from various companies and entities that can help fuel grassroots efforts. Government leaders, planners, non-profits, etc. will all be encouraged to participate in this open-ended dialogue about cities. The beta version of the City 2.0 site is here.

As more and more people realize that cities are indeed our future–and can be models of sustainability, quality of life, and innovation–this prize seems well-deserved. Hopefully all cities, including Birmingham, can re-imagine themselves as what they could be–rather than dwelling on what they’re not. I hope everyone has a great weekend in the city–and let that imagination soar!

[thanks to Glyn Lowe for the High Line pic]

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