Design review June 27

Here is this Wednesday’s agenda for the June  27 Design Review Committee meeting. Remember, the meetings are open to the public and take place at 7:30 AM at Auburn Urban Studio, 3rd Floor of Young and Vann Building, corner of 18th Street North and First Avenue downtown.

I.       Call to Order:  Minutes of the June 13, 2012 meeting.

II.        Name: Mr. Cliff Atkins

Site Address: Avondale Bricks

District:  41st Street

Requesting approval for: Signage

III.       Name: Mr. Ralph Sitz (Barber Companies)

Site Address: 500 28th Street South

District: Lakeview

Requesting approval for:  Paint

IV.       Name:  Mr. Ralph Sitz (Barber Companies)

Site Address:  608 23rd Street South

District:  Midtown

Requesting approval for:  Paint

V.        Name: Mr. Scott Phillips

Site Address:  201 41st Street (Avondale Brewery)

District:  41st Street

Requesting approval for: Egress Stairs; sign

VI.       Name:  Ms. Tonya Allen and Mr. Marcus Taylor

Site Address: 420 Richard Arrington Blvd., South (Merienda Lounge)

District: Midtown

Requesting approval for:  Outdoor Cafe

VII.     Name: Mr. Scott Phillips

Site Address:  215 41st Street (Saw’s BBQ)

District:  41st Street

Requesting approval for: Signage

VIII.   Name: Mr. Lance Black (Black Design Architecture)

Site Address: 4006 5th Avenue South (Parkside)

District: 41st Street

Requesting approval for:  Commercial kitchen installation

IX.       Name: Mr. David Wininger (Wininger Law Firm)

Site Address: 517 21st Street

District: 21st Street

Requesting approval for: Mural

X.        Name:   Mr. David Rawson (Gonzalez- Strength & Associates)

Site Address:  2006 Avenue I, Ensley (Dollar General)

District:  Ensley

Requesting approval for: New Construction

[thanks to City of Birmingham for the agenda]

3 responses to “Design review June 27

  1. Noticed this on the previous posting of the agenda as well… they’ve got the address of Parkside wrong (it’s 4036). Or the description of the request being at Parkside is inaccurate.

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