Design Review October 24

Below is the agenda for this week’s October 24 Design Review Committee meeting. Remember, the meetings are open to the public and take place at 7:30 AM at Auburn Urban Studio, 3rd Floor of Young and Vann Building, corner of 18th Street North and First Avenue downtown.

I. Call to Order:  Minutes of the October 10, 2012 meeting.

II. Name: Mr. Alex Krumdiek (Krumdiek A+I)

Site Address: 109 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd (AIA Offices)

District:  21st Street North

Requesting approval for: Façade renovations and awning

III. Name: Ms. Sharon Bradshaw (Scott Services)

Site Address: 2100 3rd Avenue, North, Cadence Bank

District: 21st Street District

Requesting approval for: sign

IV. Name: Mr. James Barden (B & B Quality Construction, Inc.)

Site Address: 2121 2nd Avenue, North (Old Spencer Building)

District: 2nd Avenue

Requesting approval for:  4th Floor Renovation

V. Name: Mr. Stephen Boehme (Twin Construction Co.)

Site Address: 3208 Carlisle Road

District: Red Mountain Suburbs Local Historic

Requesting approval for:  Stairwell addition; door installation to replace existing window

VI. Name:  Mr. Charles Russel

Site Address:  423 20th Street South

District:  Midtown / Birmingham Green South

Requesting approval for:  Paint, awning and sign

VII. Name:  Mr. Keith Rouss (Harbert Realty)

Site Address:  2 North 20th Street

District:  20th Street

Requesting approval for: Roof top advertising sign

VIII. Name: Mr. David Brandt (Fravert Services)

Site Address:  1913 5th Avenue, North, Chic-fil-A

District: Birmingham Green

Requesting approval for: signs


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