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Happy Hipsters

“There. He felt it again. The whole house had unmistakeably slid toward the retaining wall, as if inching toward edificial suicide.”

I know this link has been bouncing around, but I thought this would bring a smile to those of us who appreciate modern design–it’s good to take a step back and have a sense of humor every once and a while.

I’m reminded of cracking open my first Wallpaper magazine back in 1998 or so: I was fascinated that there could be a consumer market for all things modern, hip, and glossy. It felt refreshing since, at that time, you’d be hard-pressed to find modern design in any “lifestyle” magazine, much less in mass-market catalogs.

Now, of course, from Dwell to CB2, it’s everywhere. Hence a little of the ennui pictured in today’s light-hearted link.

Not to get too sad about things–to the left is a pic of some relatively happy looking hipsters at the fabulous graffiti show at Bare Hands Gallery a few months ago. Then again, who couldn’t be happy at an art opening at Bare Hands? Thanks to Dystopos for the pic!

(via Unhappy Hipsters Photo: Jason Schmidt, Dwell, February 2010)