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A tale of one city

Your future is waiting

Above is a map illustrating the 6 public input meetings to be held over the next weeks to help produce the City’s new Comprehensive Plan. Interested in the future of this City? Come to the meeting corresponding to your own neighborhood where you live (or work or play). Feel free to go to more than one if you’d like–all are welcome!

Make sure you check out the Comp Plan’s website for lots of interesting data, maps, and (coming soon) draft reports,  a collective vision, and strategies for implementation–how can you not want your voice to be heard?

[thanks to City of Birmingham and the Comprehensive Plan team for the image]

Shape your future

A lot of assets, a lot of challenges

Please consider coming to the first public citywide visioning forum to help determine a vision for Birmingham’s Comprehensive Plan:

Saturday, October 22 from 9 AM to 1 PM at the brand-new Birmingham Crossplex—2331 Bessemer Road.

You can find more info and lots of data (like the map of recent population loss in the City above) here.

Refreshments will be served; you’ll get to see the City’s newest sports facility; and you can participate in a potentially important process that will help guide our future. “Potentially” because a plan like this is only as strong as the community that shapes it and implements it. If we don’t participate, we won’t see the positive change this kind of plan can inspire.

Whether you live, work, or play in Birmingham–all who value our central city as crucial to the health of the region, please come and bring friends and neighbors. Yes, our future depends on all of us.

[Thanks to City of Birmingham for the map]