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Design Review Alert

Design Review Committee will meet Wednesday morning (May 12) at 7:30 AM on the Third Floor of the Center for Regional Planning and Design, 1731 First Avenue North. Thus far there are only 2 items on the agenda (more may be added by Wednesday:

1. Street Banners for Woodlawn;

2. Chick-Fil-A project for Five Points South.

Magic City Manifesto posted an interesting piece this morning about Councilor Austin being upset about several concrete benches being removed to make way for expanded outdoor seating for Cafe Dupont on downtown’s 20th street. Personally, I would rather have vibrant storefronts with lots of outdoor seating–as opposed to empty storefronts and lots of benches. Especially sad, tired old benches. You can view the Birmingham News piece here.

Great architecture and trees; not so great 1970's sidewalks, street furniture, benches

If Councilor Austin were really concerned about 20th Street, he would be working on a long-range complete renovation of the dated, 1970’s -era plantings and street furnishings, which lend a worn-out air to the whole street.  These benches are hardly “historic” or “art” as he states.

Finally, please check out the new Facebook protest site for anyone interested in stopping Walgreen’s from destroying the gorgeous, historic Fire Station No. 22 on Clairmont Avenue. The City Council should vote tomorrow on the sale. City Councilors, please heed the wishes of concerned citizens and don’t sell this historic landmark for $200,000 to Walgreen’s!

(thanks to pjchmiel for the pic)