Where to get that Grapico

A local affair

Mamanoes, the new convenience grocery store opening in the former Gypsy Market space in the 2300 block of 2nd Avenue North downtown, will have its grand opening tomorrow (Thursday, July 1). Sources tell us it may take another couple weeks to be fully stocked, but we are all keeping our fingers crossed that a combination of business savvy and neighborhood support will make this a winner.

And hey, how can you not be optimistic when the first window display is a celebration of two home-grown fizzy favorites, Grapico and Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale?

8 responses to “Where to get that Grapico

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  3. I am glad there will be a small grocery in Downtown Birmingham again but what happened to the more modern looking store front and interior that was illustrated in the Black & White article. I was really looking forward to a sleek contemporary interior with great lighting based on the illustration.

    • K–good question. I was a little confused that the Black & White ran that rendering, just because it looked to me like a generic, very inaccurate depiction of the building–with fake buildings to either side, and a storefront that doesn’t resemble the existing storefront at all. Almost looked like the owner had plugged a few things into a home software program and it spit that out. It would be one thing if we’d seen a permit for storefront construction and signs of changes, but reality is so far from that rendering, that the rendering is quite suspect. I will try to disregard that whole situation and hope that the offerings inside are more palatable!

    • I take a hard tack against the Black & White. Given their overtly negative tone about most things Birmingham, they probably just didn’t care it doesn’t look like that.

    • What a bizarre rendering. Looks like maybe someone worked it up in The Sims. It’s credited to “Ambient Technology Group,” which appears to be a computer consulting firm.

      Always good to see businesses seeing the potential in a livable downtown area. And, like you said, especially nice to see them playing up some local favorites in the front window.

      • Now that I think about it, maybe the “rendering” is actually a screen grab for a virtual storefront for online ordering?

  4. Mr. P’s! In-town! Can’t Wait!

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