The bulldozers are coming

The way it's usually done

Over in one of our alternative papers, Black and White, associate editor David Pelfry has an editorial exploring the relationship of developers, municipalities, and citizens—and the large imbalance often inherent in this relationship which can lead to the loss of green space, beauty, and community values in the name of tax revenue. Whether you are concerned about the current Chick-Fil-A and Walgreen’s projects in the City, or recent shopping center, mega-subivision, and other developments in the greater Metro, it’s a very interesting read.

[thanks to Robert Burnham for the aerial pic]

2 responses to “The bulldozers are coming

  1. There are some good points in this, but it’s too much of a rant. And he’s dead wrong about Ross Bridge.

  2. Philip: by “dead wrong,” I assume you mean entirely wrong. I would be very interested to learn what it is, exactly, that you think I misunderstand about Ross Bridge. I’m not hard to reach.

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