More for Lakeview

Coming to a college town near you

The Tin Roof Bar franchise is opening it’s latest branch in Birmingham’s Lakeview District, in the 2700 block of 7th Avenue South (location of former dive bar T.C.’s). The venue will have live music and a menu that claims to be a step above “bar food”. Originally from Atlanta, the chain markets to college students/recent grads and has locations in Nashville, TN (pictured above); Lexington, KY; Columbia, SC; and Knoxville, TN.

The storefront space in this historic district has been vacant for some time since T.C’s closed; the Design Review Committee gave its approval to facade improvements and signage this morning. With Slice opening soon around the corner, and Huey’s  planned right down the street, there will be fewer vacancies and more evening choices in this center city district. Cheers.

3 responses to “More for Lakeview

  1. Lakeview’s got some exciting things going on!

    I saw an article on about a new building from Barber’s that will house a dialysis clinic. The article does not mention location or style of building – can you provide any insight? Is it in the strip that most people consider “Lakeview”, or is it more towards the automotive/warehouse districts?

    • I guess I should clarify that it was presented to the Design Review panel. And here is a link to the article I mention:

      • Yes–this is a building that Barber Companies–which has owned the property for many years–is constructing at 3rd Avenue and 32nd Street South. Considered “Lakeview”, it’s a bit far east to from the nexus of restaurants and bars in the “entertainment district” core of Lakeview–more in the warehouse side of things. The style would be considered a simple brick commercial “storefront” style with stylized detailing vaguely reminiscent of 1920s warehouse buildings.

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