Eclecticism approved

At 3 AM it's hard to resist

Birmingham’s Design Review Committee approved a new urban storefront Waffle House in Five Points South, in the Studio Arts Building facing the traffic circle. [Strictly prohibited by the committee was any additional signage/posters beyond the main illuminated “Waffle House” sign above the storefront.] Also approved was exterior projecting signage for El Barrio, the long-anticipated latin-inspired restaurant in the 2200 block of 2nd Avenue North.

One is a national greasy spoon chain open 24/7; the other should prove to be a hotspot for foodies and hipster-ish urbanites. A vibrant city center caters to all tastes, so we welcome the opening of both of these restaurants in the upcoming few months! Dig in.

[thanks to taopauly for the scrumptious WH selection pic]

3 responses to “Eclecticism approved

  1. Did DRC approve the El Barrio sign as previously submitted or with a more vertical design you had mentioned in the comments of your last post?

  2. El Barrio modified their sign to be read more from the pedestrian scale than the street. They decided to hang the sign just under the proposed awning.

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