Congrats Highland Park

Urbane and eclectic

Congratulations to the Highland Park neighborhood, just south of downtown Birmingham, which has won the 2011  American Planning Association’s Great Places award, one of 10 neighborhoods nationally to win the honor (see this morning’s Birmingham News piece ).

Highland Park, one of the city’s oldest planned neighborhoods, is also the densest populated neighborhood in the state of Alabama. It’s known for its diversity of income levels, architecture, and topography. It is also known for its pedestrian/transit/bike friendly streets, accessible parks, and independent businesses (such as Rojo restaurant, pictured above).

Other neighborhoods recognized this year are: Northbrae, Berkeley, CA; Ansley Park, Atlanta, GA; The Pullman Neighborhood, Chicago, IL; Gold Coast & Hamburg Historic District, Davenport, IA; Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood, Hattiesburg, MS; Dundee-Memorial Park, Omaha, NE; German Village, Columbus, OH; Swan Lake, Tulsa, OK; and College Hill, Providence, RI.

Positive national recognition is what this City needs more of. Keep it coming!!

[thanks to maryvw for the pic]

4 responses to “Congrats Highland Park

  1. There’s an area on Highland Ave. where dirt and mud from runoff has built up on the sidewalk, completely covering the surface. When its been raining I try to avoid this spot on jogs because it’s so muddy. I live near where this happens and today stopped to chat with a woman who I noticed had started shoveling dirt from this part of the sidewalk, she apparently lives close by too. We started talking about the recognition Highland Park recently received and she said part of the reason she was clearing the sidewalk was because she’d read about the award and wanted to do something small to help maintain the neighborhood. She also mentioned that her condo association will hopefully do some plantings that will help prevent future runoff. I thought that was pretty cool and goes to show how a small boost in community pride can make a difference in people’s actions. Hooray for our neighborhood being awesome!

  2. That’s the place.

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