Ask and ye shall receive…

A healthier skin

As promised, the Design Review Committee met this morning, 7:30 AM sharp. Yours truly was first on the agenda, and good news–we passed with flying colors. But, as earlier hinted, more good news…Pete Pritchard presented his design for renovating the facade of the Webb Building. The section between the storefront and the second story will be replaced with a stucco surface to match the upper floors, and then wrapped with an aluminum horizontal band whose simple, flowing lines recall the art deco style above. The storefront, which has been painted over in parts, will be cleaned and repaired.

And then the first step will be completed. Let’s hope that a new tenant that would really activate that corner will be tempted by the fresh facade. Thanks Pete!

A new beginning for the Webb Building

14 responses to “Ask and ye shall receive…

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I live across the street. It will be great to see this completed.

    Jeremy, what about your project on 24th St? Can you give us details?

  2. Looks like it would make a great New Dude Saloon.

  3. With those art deco details, it would also make a good Cheyenne Diner-type place (if the real one doesn’t end up in Birmingham).

  4. would love to see (your somewhat disparaging comments about Phila. restaurants notwithstanding) the art displays and non-profit stuff in the windows of empty retail space downtown that have sprouted in Phila. Terrific for artists and groups, and especially appealing for pedestrians.

    • I am familiar with a little of what you refer to in Philadelphia, but would love to understand more about it. There have been small, haphazard efforts here to do the same, but again it’s lacked the organization/cooperation that you most likely would see in Phila. And by the way, I didn’t intend for my remarks about that city’s dining scene to seem disparaging; on the contrary, I feel most outsiders used to know that city just for the cheese steak. Now its known as a hot spot for culinary innovation, and downtown has exploded with great restaurants, including the one I briefly profiled. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Beautiful.

  6. Renovation work has begun on the Webb Building. Currently, they are applying foam for what I assume will be covered with Dryvit. The contractor is in the early stages, and it is a little hard to tell, but it looks like they may be going for a different look than what was presented to the Design Review Committee. Maybe the rendering didn’t include all the details.

    Regardless, I am glad that Mr. Ladd has decided to take care of this particular building.

    • Chuck–yes it looks like the renovation may be taking a different approach than what was approved–although indeed it is too early to tell. While we’re all happy Ladd is upgrading the exterior, let’s make sure it’s in keeping with what had been approved (I’m unaware of a new version that’s been subsequently approved). I’ll keep my eye on it, and let me know if you see anything as well.

  7. Good Morning Jeremy,
    Walking home from work yesterday, I stopped by the Webb building to take a look at the work that was completed. The area below the second floor windows, where the metal band is to be installed has some highly detailed forms shaped into the new foam. It doesn’t make sense to me that they would go to this extent, only to cover it with the metal band that was previously approved by the Design Reveiw Committee. My perception is they have altered their approved plan.

    • Thanks. Yes I did the same and it looked odd to me too. If it gets a little further along, and it’s really clear it’s different–it’s time for a post about it. I appreciate your continuing to keep us informed!

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