Design Review Agenda

After some confusion, I got a confirmation with the agenda: the date for the next Design Review Committee meeting is indeed April 28 (scroll down a couple posts for more info). The agenda:

1. renovations to a house in Highland Park;

2. the new Performing Arts Center at Alabama School of Fine Arts;

3. a new residence in Redmont;

4. A restoration of an historic sign at the Lyric Theatre.

As of today, that’s the entire agenda–much shorter than usual. I am learning more about the Chick-Fil-A situation daily, and will post on that issue when I have more info, and/or when it again appears on a Design Review agenda. Stay tuned!

6 responses to “Design Review Agenda

  1. I’m very excited to hear about #4!

    • Me too. I’m wondering what sign they’re referring to exactly? A recreation? Is there any sign still left to actually be “restored”? The painted sign above the fire escapes perhaps?

      • I imagine–I hope–they are planning to recreate the lighted cursive Lyric sign that was above the front door when the theater first opened. I know that is part of the restoration plans, but putting it up sooner rather than later would certainly help draw attention to the place.

  2. I was also thinking at first it may be the illuminated sign–but surely that would be unwise to put up before construction starts–too much potential for damage (although it would be AWESOME publicity of course). Hmmmm—we shall see!

  3. Very excited about the Lyric sign.
    Want to join a protest/opposition group (if there is one) to the Chik-Fil-A in 5 Pts. South.
    It’s just plain wrong for that prominent corner and district.

    • Hi Todd, I’m excited for the Lyric sign too. Beyond the facebook site that was set up (i think you’ve already joined that), I don’t know of another protest movement that has been formalized. I’m feeling slightly more encouraged that this may be stopped, but still not sure. It is indeed plain wrong for that corner and district.

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