Fire Station No. 22–What’s Next?

It’s time to get up and do something.  Explaining and garnering interest is one thing; sometimes the hard part is corralling all this interest into a cogent plan for moving forward.  Many readers have asked “what can I do?” to help prevent the lovely Fire Station No. 22 (and its neighbor Bogue’s Restaurant) from being demolished and redeveloped into a Walgreen’s drugstore and parking lot–and drive-through. While I don’t have all the answers, here are some suggestions:

1. Media pressure. Set up a facebook page, write letters to the editor, get local TV and print coverage: then the City would feel the heat.

2. Petition the City with a long list of citizens great and small, opposed to this particular development.

3. Propose an alternative use for the site that preserves, rather than demolishes.

4. Call Jonathan Austin (City Councilor for that district) and express your opinion. And call Valerie Abbott (City Councilor for the district directly across the street) and express same.

5. Grow the cause — make up some cheap posters/yard  signs that could direct people to the facebook page for more info (for personal yards and maybe even at the Firehouse itself : SAVE ME!)

6.  Show up at the next Design Review (I will confirm in a later post when this is) — with things to say, ready to address the committee, and talk to the media there.

I am hardly a community organizer — if there is an individual out there (this could be you!!) who has the time to spearhead this effort — I am all ears and all the folks who have gotten up in arms about this would be SO grateful.

All of the above could be basically applied to the Chick-Fil-A situation in Five Points as well.

Take change into your hands folks, and let’s get something done in a positive way for this City!

9 responses to “Fire Station No. 22–What’s Next?

  1. Well outlined/stated. You say you’re not a “community organizer”, but you’re a damn good “motivator”. Onward!!

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  3. Concerned Citizen

    One major issue facing opposition to both of these projects is time, they are both moving forward with great momentum and may not be able to be stopped by the Design Review process alone. To possibly change the outcome of these situations action and concerns will need to be directed towards the Mayor’s Office and City Council.
    1. The City has no interest in saving the fire station, and in fact in its request for proposals to developers assumed the building would be demolished – This process should be confronted directly with the Mayor’s Office and City Council.
    2. Design Review does not have control over zoning, under current zoning both of these projects are allowable (including the drive-thru windows) – Advocacy for neighbohood appropriate Form Based Zoning is required to prevent these types of developments. It may be too late for these projects, but more like them will be proposed in the future.
    5. While the Design Review process can effect the form of a project, it has no say on the use, so earlier involvement is required.
    4. Action will need to be quick, decisive and profesional to reach the top decision makers in City Hall (The Mayor, the Council, the Office of Economic Development)
    5. Go to City Council meetings and let them know you opinions, I believe that there is a period for public comments.

  4. Interesting tidbit:

    Today’s paper (May 10) quotes Councilman Austin:

    “I’m not in favor of destroying anything that has to do with the history and culture of this city.”

    (In regards to removal of concrete bench along 20th Avenue North.)

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  6. A Mid-Century Modern Walgreens gets torn down to make room for… a “modern” Walgreens across the street (and a Blockbuster Video anchored strip mall where it once stood):

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