Good luck

En charrette

To everyone working on the Community Foundation‘s “Next Big Thing” Prize to the Future, due at midnight Friday, good luck. It’s been consuming a lot of time this week at the expense of blog posts, but we’ll be back soon.

Think big!

12 responses to “Good luck

  1. I’d like to see what you’ve come up with–I know it’s something good!

  2. Thanks Charles–one way or the other, it will at least be posted on this blog.

  3. Great.
    I thought that my idea for a water park had a chance of winning as long as you stayed out of the competition. If I’d known that you were going to have an entry, I wouldn’t have spent so much time designing that water slide.

  4. The anticipation is certainly mounting…can’t WAIT to see all the great ideas! You definitely add quality to the competition…GOOD LUCK!

  5. I could never be an architect. I have to have eight hours sleep every night.

  6. I took the idea that this wasn’t a “design” competition, but an “idea” competition, to heart and stole blatantly from the work of other designers to explain my ideas. Saved on trace paper.

    • John, good reminder that while the tendency of us trained designers is to reach for our own rolls of trace, this indeed is billed an “idea” competition and should be judged mainly on the merits of the idea presented, rather than the “design”.

  7. Good luck to you, Jeremy, and all the other entrants. I work for the Community Foundation and it has been so energizing to see the entries rolling in – we appreciate your great thoughts!

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