Flash your cash

Lining up to flash the cash

It’s a slow Wednesday; what could be better than hundreds of people descending to spend at a locally-owned store rather than sending hard-earned dollars off to the Walmart corporate HQ in Arkansas?  Cash mobs are popping up across the country as a fun way to help out our beloved independent stores that make cities unique.  Hop onto the Birmingham Cash Mob FB page and put in your two cents for which spots they should hit and join the next mob!

For more on how spending your cash with locally-owned businesses helps improve local economies, check out 3/50 Project. Local indies are often vital to what makes our cherished urban places…cherished. Support ’em!

[thanks to make good, a locally-owned boutique in San Diego, for the pic of a cash mob lining up to buy there recently]


4 responses to “Flash your cash

  1. Great post, thanks!

  2. Five Points South Hardware, Plant Odyssey, Any & All local restaurants and bars, Huffstutlers, Soca, Shaia’s, M’Nolia’s, Friends of BPL Bookstore….to name just a few.

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