Food truck park

One asian rib-eye beef quesadilla please

Well here’s a great idea from the metropolis 2 hours east: the Atlanta Food Truck Park, located about a mile northwest of Atlantic Station. It’s the first dedicated place in town where up to 15 food trucks can sell their wares at a time (for both lunch and dinner); it’s got on-site parking, musical entertainment, and weekend farmers’ markets. There’s still a need for the curbside trucks downtown (like the Yumbii truck above), but this is a great option to have as well. And yes, we wish we had one here too.

Everyone have a great weekend–your author will be traveling again next week, so we’ll be back with more after a brief respite. Cheers.

[thanks to ksolo22 for the Atlanta food truck pic]

10 responses to “Food truck park

  1. Believe it or not, this was my idea for the Prize-2-the-Future site. Actually, I proposed to place food trucks on one side of the site and fresh produce vendors on the other side.

  2. I love food trucks, and the great chefs that come from that background. It would be an inspiring way for new chefs in town to start out and build a loyal professional clientele.

    Food truck rodeo in Woodlawn next Saturday.

  4. Really enjoyed going to a Scoutmob event at the food truck park. Was very impressed and would LOVE to see a food truck park in Bham. I also liked that they had both stand up and sit down tables. There is something about eating at a stand up table that facilitates socializing.

  5. Oddly enough, I believe the reason the Atlanta Food Truck Park exists is that it’s illegal for food trucks to park on the street in metro Atlanta. In this way, Birmingham is actually at an advantage!

  6. …and by “metro Atlanta,” I meant within city limits. (Don’t think that law applies in Decatur, for example.)

  7. There is also San Francisco’s model, called “Off the Grid” which sets up at Fort Mason on Friday evenings and in the Haight next to Golden Gate Park on Thursdays.

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