..and flickering back on?

We'll all drink to that

It’s been reported in today’s Magic City Post that Harbert Realty, the property manager charged with repairing the exterior of the building on the  1800 block of First Avenue South, had worked out a plan to restore the historic 1950’s mural after all (see our previous post here). Just two days ago the Design Review Committee voted to allow the Nashville owner to remove the mural.

More details will be forthcoming as they emerge. Have a great weekend everybody.

[thanks to vintagebrowser.com for the 1956 image]

4 responses to “..and flickering back on?


  2. Oh, lovely, it seems that the public outcry– and the fine publicity from the Birmingham News– has gotten through to the building’s owners. There are several things that can be done to (1) preserve and (2) restore the mural; the important thing now is to protect it from pressure washing or whatever process the company wants to use to on the masonry. Their argument that they have to give up the mural to stabilize the building is truly stunningly silly. And the “economic hardship” argument . . . well, they should be bit embarrassed to have suggested it, don’t you think?

    In any case, all parties seem to be willing to talk about it, including a meeting with a well known conservator in these parts, if all goes well. Stay tuned.

  3. Related question: I noticed that the railbed has been taken up in the sunken railway at 1st Ave S. Is this a sign on progress on the Railroad Park/ Sloss connector?

    • I have heard that there will be an announcement soon about progress on that connector–at least a portion of it–but not sure of the timing, or if what you’ve witnessed is part of that or not. Fingers crossed!

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