Baseball fever

Wall of dreams

As excitement continues to build around the new Birmingham Barons park under construction just south of Railroad Park, the Design Review Committee added its own contribution to this upbeat mood by unanimously approving the above mural, to be painted on the side of an historic building on Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd. just north of 5th Avenue North. The mural depicts New York Yankee greats in the old Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, NY. In a moment of lightheartedness, the applicant (Wininger Law Firm, which owns the building) invited the Committee to guess the names of the famous Yankee players depicted. All members threw themselves into this exercise with gusto, eventually figuring out every one.

This intersection deserves better

For years, the historic Redmont Hotel has faced the gloomy existing condition (above), where an ugly surface parking lot allows the view to the blank side wall. This mural–besides increasing everyone’s anticipation of the Barons returning to the central city–will be a welcome improvement to this downtown corner. And a more pleasant introduction to the urban environment to anyone exiting the hotel lobby.

[thanks to Wininger Law Firm for the images]

13 responses to “Baseball fever

  1. Why the Yankees?

    • Interesting question. I believe they are the favorite team of the building owner. Ideally the mural wouldn’t have such a specific non-Birmingham reference, but overall the intent is a good one.

  2. Good idea, but why not a mural of Rickwood field and the old Barons greats?

    • I thought the same thing–in fact I assumed before the applicant started describing it that it would be Rickwood Field and the Barons…still, I’ll take this over a blank wall. Thanks.

  3. Bravo! I agree with the other comments, but this is much better than a blank wall! Maybe someone will pick up on the idea and do a Rickwood Field mural.

  4. FABULOUS IDEA! And, I second the thought by Teresa that a Rickwood mural somewhere in the vicinity of the new ball park would be a great addition to the area.

  5. Vehemently opposed to this idea. Design Review Committee must have its head up its butt.

  6. This is idiotic. Yankees? Hello? This is Birmingham, with a long history of Alabama based baseball players and teams. Worst idea I’ve seen in at least a week. At least it’s cheaper than an arena for a useless attempt to get an NBA team.

  7. Just a thought, but most of those guys probably DID play in pinstripes at Rickwood in exhibition games. A little research with the Friends of Rickwood might inspire something that combines Yankee fanaticism with local culture…

  8. OK — The Babe, Joe D, the Mick, Yogi, and without numbers, probably Lou Gehrig, but who is the pitcher — Whitey Ford?

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